Jul 15, 2005 - Family    No Comments

Vacation in Wisconsin!

We left today for Madison! Not only is it the capital of Wisconsin, but also the home of the American Girl Warehouse sale! The girls and I are very excited that we have 7 a.m. tickets to the big event. (Troy and Zachary aren’t as thrilled!) The Johnson family is making the trek with us and sharing in the excitement of the sale!

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Jul 14, 2005 - Family    No Comments

The Tortoise

We were on our way to run some errands when we discovered this little guy in our yard. Needless to say, we had to turn the car around and check him out!


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Jul 10, 2005 - Family    No Comments

Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park

After the weather channel forcast lots and lots of rain for us due to hurricane Dennis, we decided to take a Sunday drive to the Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park. As you can tell by the photographs, the weather today was beautiful. The park is very pretty with lots of camping and hiking.


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Jun 18, 2005 - Family, Sarah, Zachary    1 Comment

Piano Recital

After returning from a vacation void of piano practice, Zachary and Sarah had to work hard to get ready for their upcoming recital! They each had two solo pieces to memorize as well as a duet–(they got to keep their music for this).

The recital was Saturday, June 18, at Amro Music. The stage centerpiece was a $64,000 Steinway grand piano. This piano is what the kids played during their performance. Wow! There were 28 students performing so as you can imagine there was a large crowd. Both Zachary and Sarah did a superb job! The duet turned out really well and we got a few pictures. Feel free to check them out.

Practicing before the event….


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Jun 9, 2005 - Family    No Comments

Colorado Vacation

On June 9, we started a long road trip through Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas to finally arrive at our destination –Colorado. We had a wonderful time visiting with family as well as exploring the area! Thanks to Dave and Kay Leaver for opening their home to us! The kids and Zoe really loved staying there. Here is a sample picture from the trip. If you would like to see what else we did, click the lick below!

Nederland was beautiful!

Barker Reservoir Nederland, Colorado

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May 24, 2005 - Family, Zoe    1 Comment

Happy Birthday to Zoe!

On May 24, Zoe, our Boston Terrier, celebrated her first birthday! The kids wanted to have a party so we had a small “family bash” to mark the occasion! As you can tell by the pictures, Zoe had a fun time!

Here is the “birthday girl” and her cake!
Zoe and Cake

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May 20, 2005 - Rachel, Sarah    1 Comment

Ballet Recital

It has been a very busy month with the school year as well as extra curricular activities coming to an end–at least for the summer! Friday, May 20th, marked the end of ballet. We enjoyed seeing the girls perform! Of course, we thought they were wonderful—-real prima ballerinas! Here is a peek at some of the highlights!

Sarah and Rachel before the BIG performance!
Sarah and Rachel arriving at recital

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May 8, 2005 - Family    No Comments

Happy Mother’s Day!

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day! It’s always nice to spend the day with my sweet husband and kids! We began the day by attending Church. Troy and the kids also presented me with one of my favorite series Monarch of the Glen and a certificate for my Ipod!

I snapped a few pictures of the kids in the field behind the Church. I thought they turned out rather well–

Sarah and Rachel

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