Oct 1, 2005 - Family    No Comments

MidSouth Airshow

Thanks to one of Troy’s clients–Red Eagle Aerosports– we received complimentary tickets to the airshow. GrandDad and Nana went with us. It was a lot of fun! The show included the Canadian Snowbirds and the Blue Angels!
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Sep 30, 2005 - Family, Zachary    1 Comment

Happy Birthday Zachary!

GrandDad and Nana came for Zachary’s birthday! We had a double party for Zachary and GrandDad since GrandDad’s birthday was September 17. Zachary also shares a birthday with Uncle Dean–Happy Birthday Uncle Dean! The party theme was Lord of the Rings.
zachary birthday
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Sep 8, 2005 - Family, Troy    1 Comment

Happy Birthday Troy!

The kids and I made a chocolate cake for Troy. The bugs on the top of his cake were mini Pez dispensers. Since Zachary had soccer practice, we decided to have pizza for dinner. Troy and Zachary picked it up from Ace’s Chicago Pizza on their way home. As you can see, it was a fun party!
troy cake
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Sep 5, 2005 - Family    No Comments

Camp Out!

On September 5th, we had a family camp out in the back yard. It was a lot of fun! The kids and Zoe helped me set up the tent and then Troy grilled chicken. They had a lot of fun playing with the glow in the dark football, glow sticks and watching movies in the tent!

Zachary and Zoe in the tent
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Aug 26, 2005 - Family    No Comments

August Pictures

I realized that we really haven’t done much blogging this month so I decided that we would squeeze in a few entries before it is officially September! We started our new school year in July and have been busy getting into our routine. Our current grade levels are as follows: Zachary 6th, Sarah 3rd and Rachel 2nd.

The School Crew
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Jul 27, 2005 - Family    No Comments

Happy Birthday Nana!

It’s a birthday tea party for Nana! We were in Chicago on her actual birthday–July 17–so we decided to have a belated party during Nana and GrandDad’s visit! We celebrated at home and at Smokey Bones (combo for Father’s Day and Nana’s birthday) . Nana got a complimentary chocolate fudge cake and a bag of donuts! Yummy!
Nana cake
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