Apr 9, 2006 - Family    No Comments

Spring is Here!

After days of stormy and cool weather, the sun is shining brightly here in Memphis today! The weather is great and it definitely feels like spring!

The kids and Zoe have enjoyed being outside this afternoon. After Zachary’s soccer practice, we will be joining some friends at the drive-in to see a family double feature of “Ice Age 2″ and “Nanny McPhee.”


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Apr 8, 2006 - Family    No Comments

Violins and Tea Parties!

Sarah and Rachel are taking violin lessons. They are being instructed using the Suzuki method which requires a lot of parent involvement during lessons as well as practice. This means that Troy is taking lessons as well! Since a violin must be fitted to a musician, all three of them have their own instrument! The girls recently had a graduation recital from the beginning level. So far so good!


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Mar 14, 2006 - Family    No Comments

Spring Break!

We spent a few days of spring break visiting in Kentucky. The latter part was spent visiting family in Colorado where we got to see some more snow! It was rather chilly for most of our time there. The kids really enjoyed playing with Hannah, Carson and Baby Logan. The cold weather did not keep them from enjoying the trampoline! Zoe enjoyed hopping under it while the kiddos where bouncing on top of it. It was quite a show!

Here are a few pictures from our outing to the Denver Aquarium. It was a lot of fun!

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Feb 18, 2006 - Family, Zoe    2 Comments

Jones Soda!

Zoe’s picture was selected to be on the Green Apple Jones Soda bottle labels! Way to go Zoe! Below you will find pictures of the labels. If you see them in the stores, please let us know! We are anxious to see one on an actual bottle!
jones soda label
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Feb 17, 2006 - Family, Rachel    1 Comment

Happy Birthday Rachel!

Today is Rachel’s 8th birthday! We are planning a family outing to see “Cheaper by the Dozen 2″ and dinner at CiCi’s. After that, we will be enjoying a Baskin Robbin’s ice cream cake and a family camp out in the living room. (The weatherman is predicting snow and ice for later tonight. The kids are hoping for enough snow to play in tomorrow!)
rachel 8 cake
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Feb 11, 2006 - Family    1 Comment


We finally have snow in Tennessee! It is the perfect consistency for snowmen and snowballs. The kids and Zoe are having a great time!
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Jan 1, 2006 - Family    1 Comment

Happy New Year!

It was a fun New Year’s Eve party at home for the Leaver family! We played several games including dreidel with chocolate coins and poker. After much playing and eating, we watched the local count down and blew noisemakers–Zoe didn’t like this part so much! At the conclusion of the merrymaking, the kids and Zoe camped out in the living room.

Happy 2006 to all our family and friends! God bless you all!
new year table
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Dec 25, 2005 - Family    No Comments

Christmas in Memphis!

We spent the early morning opening presents and playing with all the new stuff. After a very quick breakfast, we got ready for Church. It was a wonderful service! There were so many people in attendance they had to add extra chairs in the sanctuary. I loved seeing all the girls with their new dolls on their laps. Sarah and Rachel took Josephina and Elizabeth–their new American Girl dolls–to church with us.

After playing some more, we continued our family tradition of attending a movie on Christmas afternoon. We chose to see The Chronicles of Narnia this year! It was wonderful!
Chirstmas tree
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