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Lack of progress

Not much more to report at this time. Amy hasn’t made a lot of progress, so they’ve increased the pitocin flow to help spur some progress.

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The epidural has been administered, and Amy is feeling more relaxed now.

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Doctor Osburn just broke Amy’s water, and a subsequent contraction took her from 2 cm to 4 cm dilated. Epidural has been ordered, and if we’re lucky it’ll go smoothly and quickly from here.

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Not much to report

Amy is resting, and is as comfortable as possible given the circumstances. She is taking pitocin, antibiotics and penicillin by IV, and getting some sleep. I’ve dozed off a time or two myself – neither of us slept well last night.

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At the hospital

We’ve arrived at Williamson Medical Center. Here’s a picture of Amy checking in. We’re in the waiting room presently, awaiting “transport” to labor & delivery.

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Baby Watch

Ultrasound of Emma

Wow, it has been nearly four years since we’ve posted here on our family blog, and so much has happened in that time.

We’re now in the Nashville area rather than Memphis, and loving it! The girls are having a great time in the Youth Orchestra, and Zachary is playing competitive soccer with the Tennessee Futbol Club.

Right now we’re expecting our fourth child, an I do mean right now. Less than 36 hours from now, barring the sudden onset of natural labor, we’ll be heading to Williamson Medical Center to welcome Emma Faith to the Leaver family.

At the last minute we’ve decided to resurrect the family blog and use it to keep friends and family up to date. Stay tuned to this space for details and pictures – maybe even a little live streaming video from the hospital if I can make it happen.