Oct 8, 2005 - Family, Zachary    1 Comment

Brentwood Soccer Tournament

We went to Nashville for a weekend soccer tournament. It was very cool all weekend! As you can tell by the pictures, we had to bundle up with coats and blankets. Zoe even had a sweater!
zachary red

Sarah bundled up
sarah bundled

Troy drinking coffee to stay warm!
troy coffee

Zachary in the goal

rachel at tournie

Action shot–Zachary is in the red jersey on the far right of the shot

Sarah and Rachel goofing around

zachary red jersey

Zachary throwing in the ball
throw in

Zachary kicking the ball

Soccer action
soccer action

action 2

Zoe sporting her new sweater.
zoe sweater

Watching the game
watching the game

Zoe watching the game
Zoe watching the game

zachary ball

Rachel and Zoe
zoe and rachel

Sarah and Zoe
sarah and zoe

Keeping warm
keeping warm

zachary white jersey

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  • nice soccer game wish i could have been there

    from johnny

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