May 10, 2005 - Family, Rachel, Sarah, Zachary    2 Comments

Fun Photos

This is a group of recent photographs that I just really liked for one reason or another. They are not of any special event…just snaps of the kids and Zoe that we took this May.

The Kids

This is such a cute photo of Zoe!

Sarah and Zoe resting on our bed!
Sarah and Zoe on pillow

Sarah and Zoe posing!
Sarah and Zoe

A pretty close-up of Rachel…

A handsome close-up of Zachary…
Zachary close-up

Sarah with American Girls Molly and Kirsten
Sarah with dolls

Zachary and Zoe
Zachary and Zoe

Sarah reading
sarah reading

This is Zoe’s sleep position! She likes to hold her toy in her mouth while she sleeps.
Zoe with toy


Sarah close-up


  • Hi Zachary Sarah and Rachel.
    i got super MArio STrikers the new soccer game for christmas Zoe looks really cute

    i like pie

  • u guys look great

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